Are you prepared for ErP 2015?

All products with a power input between 125W and 500kW will be affected by the first phase of the European Energy related Products Directive (ErP) to ensure improvements in energy efficiency, which became mandatory in 2013, followed by more stringent measures in 2015. Find out more...


The Writing is on The Wall

The significance of the ErP Directive is that manufacturers like Elta Fans are required to review their product range comprehensively in order to achieve new efficiency levels established under the Directive.

Elta Fans continues to endeavour to exceed the requirements of industry specific legislation, with an environmental drive at the very heart of everything we do.

As a company, through the development of new and existing product ranges to meet the legislative directives, Elta is well positioned to provide the Best Available Technology (BAT), by creating a range of quality, reliable and highly efficient products, encompassing longevity in the field, lower life cycle costs, and of course the environmental benefits and product integrity this brings to our customers today and for the future.


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